Photo options

Almost all photographs are able to be processed in the following styles, or mixtures of these.

Original image. Minor adjustments and a few distractions removed, but basically as taken.

 Black and white.

 Focal black and white. A flare of colour fading to black and white around the edges.

 Colour cut black and white. Mostly black and white, with a feature or two in colour.
This was popular a few years ago but seems to have gone out of style a bit.

 Antique sepia with frame. Just for laughs.

 Model blur. A carefully applied blur effect that narrows the range of focus.
This effect can make the subjects appear as miniture models.

 Soft focus. A more general blur effect around the edges.
A very dreamy effect that makes an image look very soft.

 High tone. A light image without many dark areas.

Desaturated. Reduced saturation removes a degree of colour from the image, kind of half way between full colour and black and white - the lite beer of photography. Very popular trend at the moment.

 Vignette. Not popular at the moment, but I think it can improve certain images.
This is an extreme example.

 Frame with or without your personal message. Suitable for thank you cards, etc.

Note on styles
Like anything, photography is subject to trends - popular effects or styles that come and go. The samples above illustrate just some of these. Please be aware that what is popular now may look very dated and even tacky in years to come.

I am more than happy to provide these effects to your images if that is what you want, but I will also provide you with the original of each image so that in ten years time if you decided you don't like them anymore you will have the timeless classic versions as well.